We Are

The first video ads we ran were bundled into ASF files for Windows Media Player. Yep. We’re that old experienced. Then YouTube was born. SDKs were popping up, then there was VAST and then VPAID and it was good. And almost overnight the conversation changed and digital content became king. We didn’t move into this age, we were born from it. We know the game and love to play it.

We Are Not

We don’t wear suits. We are not bulky. We don’t do everything. We are not early, we are not late; we’re permanent.

Online Video

We focus simply on the thing we’re really good at. A great baker makes bread from a bit of flour, a bit of water and a lot of experience. We mix tailored editorial content with relevant advertisements and deliver brand messages to perceptive audiences. It might seem complicated but it’s really simple at the core; it’s about rolling up your sleeves and doing it right. There’s something zen about it.

Right Context

Our custom video content spanning multiple verticals reaches hundreds of millions of viewers every month.

Right Message

You’ve heard the buzz words: permission, intent, engagement. We don’t just say them, we live by their true meaning.

Right Tools

Our unique advantage is that we rely solely on proprietary technology to manage our business, both front-end and back-end. Our applications run in the cloud, they are highly available and scale easily.

Broad Audience

Our extensive publisher network of over 2500 sites empowers us to customize exposure for every campaign’s needs both in and outside of the USA. We’re very flexible and adaptive; we cherish long-term partnerships but also keep an eye on new trends.

Pin-point Targeting

We utilize redundant filtering tools, both industry-standard and proprietary, that deliver maximum precision and transparency. We double-check, we triple-check; nothing is random, nothing is overlooked.

Deep Analytics

Our business is not modeled on readily available software and capabilities. We’re very crafty and build our own tools, from dashboards to forensics apps any tiny experiment that helps us gain more insight. We see cues in massive streams of numbers and we take every opportunity to optimize and adapt.

Every Second

We dont wait for reports in our inbox in the morning and there is no MapReduce at midnight on our servers. Big data is great, but live data is even greater. Every second numbers keep flowing in and we can react instantly. Because

We like to talk and love to listen

We're highly opinionated, drink beer, ride horses and bikes, sail boats, we can give you uncertified but free parenting advice. Give us a call or drop us a line:


PO Box 254
Brenham, TX 77834
Phone: 1-281-546-8912


Sararie 187A, P3
Iasi, Romania 700451
Phone: +40-740-007-753